Monday, July 19, 2004

the best laid plans

well I`m still here and its monday night. It was `marine day` so most banks were closed, and it was just too much to do all I needed to do AND go into town to the bank and leave today.
So I leave tomorrow and wont get to disney sea till the afternoon, but thats ok.
I spent the $200 to send a 25kg bag back to the us, there was no way I could carry it and do all I wanted to do.
Tomorrow morning I leave with Jeff and will spend some time on the train calling a few hostiles to find out where I`m staying for the night. I have two hours and 5 potential places so im not too worried. I just hope I get the one in Roppongi I want.
Talked to a few friends today, glad to see Jeannine and Adam are doing well. Stay pure girl! lol
Anyway as I warned before after today the likelyhood of pics going up is low, but I WILL have internet access. Still, the best way to reach me is to send short messages to my cell phone ( check an earlier post for the address, it has a 7777  in it)
I will enable email blogging so I can at least post small messages from time to time if nothing else, but it looks like all the places I want to stay allow me to have inet access.
Anyway, thats about it. Till next time take care.

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mom said...

This is when I really start to worry about you. Worry in a good way. Worry is good for a mothewr. Please be extra careful since you don't have the school as a back-up. Sounds like nyou have been having a fantastic time and that is what your Dad and I want for you. It's very hot here now so catch some cool while you can
I sometimes read the locale obituaries in the paper and seeveral weeks ago I saw a name "Beaudry" that caught my eye. Amanda's mom passed away. She was only 42. They moved to Connecticutt and she died of cancer. Any way I'm telling you this so I don't forget.

Had to clean the fish tank again. I've done it twice now in the last month. Algae! I'm thinking about moving it to a place a little less sunny. When it was in the spare room it seemed to have been doin better.

Your car will be ready Wednesday. They had to rebuild the transmission. Once that's done then new tires. Then I need to have my car worked on. The front bumper, the passenger side door and a finishing strip around the driver's door is coming loose. Of course these are all under new car warranty.

Andrea's surgery is scheduled for August 12. I'm not certain when you come home but I hope it isn't that day.

Take care and much love, Mom