Tuesday, July 06, 2004

yes, I`m alive

and loving it.
Sorry long time no post, Ive been busy and tired.
Lagging on the picture upload too, maybe tonight if youre lucky.

The homestay was FREAKING GREAT, finally got to see the Japanese countryside and had a BLAST. The night we got there we went to the onsen which was nothing like anime (all concrete) but probably twice as nice because of it. Then after helping Fumie with her english (shes got some hard words like ambiguity (who the hell uses that) and affect and effect (which americans screw up all the time) went to sleep.
Next day went to Ueno to see a `ninja mura` (town) the ninja house was very cool with all sorts of cool tricks and traps. The ninja show was kinda cheezy but still cool. Then we had soba for lunch which I love and them made ceramics with a somewhat famous ceramicist (???) whos name I cant read the kanji of. Of course most of my pottery sucked, but I made one square bowl that I put my thumbprint in the side and signed my name then had Marie, Fumie and her father do the same on the other sides on. It will be a cool momento.

Speaking of Fumie san`s father (and family in general) I am forever in their debt, they were WONDERFUL hosts with a BEAUTIFUL authentic Japanese house in the countryside and her father wouldnt let me pay for ANYTHING. I really have to find somehting special to do for them.

あした午後四時四十五分に大学の前のバスていでなつみさんに会います。 大学からきょうとえきの前まで行きます。そして、晩ご飯を食べます。 晩ご飯のあとでよふくをかいます。

now dont you wish you could read Japanese ^^
if someone bablefishes it and its funny, be sure to post it as a comment. ^^

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Anonymous said...

Four:45 PM the あ it does the bus て before the university in to be in, it meets to stacking. Today question it goes to before the coming from the university. And, the late boiled rice is eaten. After the late boiled rice you wipe you apply.

Yeah, Babelfish rocks.