Thursday, July 15, 2004

My parents rule

Thanks MOM!!!! My care package came today, of course with more food than I can possibly eat before I leave, but theyll make nice gifts for the Japanese ^^

Im beginning to pack up my things to ship them out- I think its going to cost quite a bit..... we shal see....

On the Japanese front, I have my oral final tomorrow which shouldnt be TOO hard, last full class was today. It was just too short, theres so much more I want to do and learn here.

But with class over, I wont be here much longer. This weekend is the Gion Matsuri which is a HUGE festival in Kyoto. I am going with Natsumi and her friends tomorrow afternoon but I went with Johnathan tonight (study? whats that?) because its his only night to go as he leaves tomorrow afternoon. Actually, Ill probably be going every day this weekend. On Monday, I leave to go meet up with some of the dorm rats to go to Disney Sea Tuesday. Then from there, I really dont have a clue till I can meet Johnathan in Tokyo the 23rd. I want to go to Hiroshima tho.

Once I leave Kyoto, I have no idea how or if I will be able to upload pictures or blog, so please keep that in mind. However, I do have my cell phone email, and on that note:


Please keep emails short, I cant send (and therefore I guess I cant recieve) emails over 100 chars (sometimes as little as 77)

Btw new pics ARE up, but theyre on a new page under the Japan gallery.
Just go to the Japan gallery and hit the next page like you would inside any gallery to see the two new ones.

Oh and for those who might be offended by any of my pics- sorry, this is a chronicle of my journey here, VERY LITTLE gets left out- basically only pics that didnt come out or long uninteresting movies. You dont have to look at them you know.

Thats it for now, jya


mom said...

David your car is going to cost us a bundle of moola. We will put $1000.00 this weekend. Later on if you are short to get home let us know. Oscar has something wrong with him. He may be feeling depressed or he met up with some thing. He goes out and stays in the back or lays under one of the chairs on the patio.He has trouble jumping up. He doesn't limp or cry. Hope you get to read this.

Anonymous said...