Saturday, July 17, 2004

So sad....

well, I leave tomorrow.
Hopefully Ill upload all my pics today, but not now (i took about 700mb worth of pics and video in the past two days)
For those that notice this blog is a little empty these days, realize that the gallery is really a secondary blog, its much better to have pics to go with topics ne? (and you can post comments- DO SO!! (be sure to leave your name if you post annonomously))
It was really sad seeing everyone say goodbye yesterday. Most people leave today, I am staying on so I can take care of some things monday before I leave for disney sea.
So the tentative plan is to go to Tokyo monday afternoon, go to disney sea on tuesday with a big group of dorm mates,  then head off across the other side of japan the next morning to go to Hiroshima. However, I havent planned anything yet. Ill have time for that today.
I really wanted to go shopping today, but I think I`m just out of time.
After I leave tomorrow, internet access may be non-existant for the rest of the trip. If thats true, well I love you all ^^;;;
Im going to set up so I can blog by email and maybe send short rants from my cell phone (i only get ~75 characters) but if you get pics consider yourself lucky.
I MIGHT swing back by the school on the way back to Tokyo from Hiroshima if my memory cards are full.
Thank you to all that support me and think of me. I know that life goes on and you have things of your own to do, thanks for thinking of me.
To any of the Japanese that read this, thank you so much for opening your homes and hearts to me. It was an experience I will never forget and I hope we can keep in contact. Now its your turn to come see me!
Athena- congratulations on the wedding. I believe it was just a few hours ago your time.
Cara - the oven should be about done ne? I hope everyting goes well.
Mom & Dad, thank you so much for everything. I am lucky to have you.
Andrea, take care, I`m thinking of you.
Frank, get a job so you can give me $$ and I can buy you electronics (theres a really cool mini disk player...)
Jeanine, Adam, John, Izhar, Scott, Kevin and the rest- wish you were here.
Oscar, you kick ass cat, I`m sorry to abandon you for so long. I`m comming home I swear.
Willie, Hary- you too.

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