Friday, July 30, 2004

tsank you my friends

when i decided to stay in kyoto an extra day i expected it to be a quiet lonely one.
and that was ok. i had a bit more shopping to do and i wanted to relax.
but then sayaka called me in the evening and i met her eiko kunimi masumi and a new friend chisato.
we didnt do anything special. just hung out and talked. but we didnt have to. thats what makes kyoto feel like home.
im ready to come home. im tired and broke and long for my bed cat family and friends in california. but i will never forget my dear kyoto friends.
i truly love you all. yoroshiku ne ^_^
btw- richa i told kunimi to tell everyone you miss them.
i also got to see a lupin movie on tv ^_^


mom said...

Glad you are coming home. It's time you join the real world and get a real job. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

lol .......