Sunday, July 11, 2004


Well another interesting weekend, and once again I`m lagging on pictures.
Took Natsumi-san out Friday night to Kyoto station for shopping, but everything there closes at 8pm >.< so it was an early night.
Saturday was touring a couple temples and making Japanese sweets. Saturday night was a big party, Jessica from the 4th floors birthday (hmm Ill have to ask her how old) she was QUITE drunk, I carried her up 2 flights of stairs to her bed.
Sunday was the monkey park and a few more temples, then doing homework.

I still havent written my speech that needs to be given Wednesday.

and I woke up sick today...............

Anyway sorry for the short post, but I do have one big announcement- I bought a cell phone. Ill skip the rant on how much better Japanese cell phones are for now and just tell you my cell phone email address.


the (put@here) should be ENTIRELY replaced by an `@` for those of you who dont know why, its to prevent spam.

still got things to do b4 class so bye!

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Anonymous said...

what address i took net of my phone :( ill tr to text u though