Saturday, July 24, 2004

hi there

Well, tomorrow I leave Tokyo for Hiroshima. Im at an internet caffe overlooking Gas Panic (an over rated bar, Shinjuku is better than Roppongi) atm trying to upload my pics but its VERY slow, I dont think Ill be here for 5 hrs thx so no pics right now sorry.

Yoshi-sama, the wonderful person that she is, found me a nice cheap Royokan to stay at while in Kyoto. It was definately on my list of must-do`s in Japan and Yoshi really came thru for me. I owe her forever.

Last night I was out a bit late in Shinjuku so I stayed till 6am rather than take a taxi. It was fun, stayed in "The Hub" till 4am when it closed talking to two Japanese guys so I could practice then decided to walk to the government building. I was tempted to call Jeff at 4am just to mess with him but didnt (and arent you glad)
At around 5am I came across some skateboarders and watched them a bit. Then got home around 7 adn slept for two hours before hitting a few temples and having a nice dinner. But now Im tired, so I dont think I`m going to do much with my saturday night. I have to be out of the hostle by 11 anyway.

Winston I wanted to email you but Im over-time on my hour as it is. Theres plenty of time for me to let u know what little I know about Tokyo ^^


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