Wednesday, July 07, 2004

nothing too exciting... yet

Yesterday was quite humorous but I`m not going to tell you why just yet. Not until I can add a second part to the story and save some face.

Japanese is a hard language to learn in a month. It takes me a while to learn vocab and right now thats hurting me a bit. Still, overall I`m doing well, and the wonderful Natsumi-san is going to come over to help me study tonight. Everytime I stump her (apparently the Japanese have no word for `hang out`) she scrunches up her face and nose and I just want to melt.

Anyway, I figured out how to charge my apparent ONE rechargeable camera battery (the other two are disposeable it seems) so I can continue being a Japanese tourist again. Much thanks goes to Marissa from my floor for letting me borrow her extra battery for two days.

Some random notes on Japan:
This is the land of personal electronics. EVERYONE has a minidisk player (or mp3 now) and a cell phone. BUT, few have compuers. You go to information desks at train stations and everythings written down, no monitor anywhere. You watch tv and pretty CNN graphics are replaced by posterboard. In this electronic land, my Palm always gets stares- they`ve never even heard of them for the most part. Instead their electronic kanji dictionary (denki jisho) is always at their side (because even the Japanese cant remember 2000 kanji)
On the cell phone front- you havent lived till you`ve seen a guy on a scooter smoke a cigarette with one hand while typing email on his cell phone with the other AND DRIVING. Now I know that either Americans are idiots or cell phones cause no problems driving. Also, no-one talks on their cell phone. Dont bother asking for `her` number, she probably wont answer. (its expensive) Instead, get her cell phone email and youre in. (till you get the all kanji response)

anyway- sorry for the lack of posts, things are busy yet much seems un-mentionable. The program is already mostly over- one week left. Its rather saddening.

Parents- warning, the care package request will come after class today. If you can send it out friday great but monday should be ok too. I`m also going to have to ship a ton of stuff back. Its basically a few shirts and some camera related stuff, im guessing (not sure) walmart should have all of it.


Anonymous said...

awww blow it out your ass.

haha just kidding, just wanted to say whats up. fu3

Anonymous said...

blow it out your ass for real. nice pics. i'm having neurosurgery. you're jealous. harry rocks. haven't seen oscar lately. later, andrea. :)