Sunday, July 25, 2004

im here

got to my hostel in Miajima
it wasnt my 1st choice and isnt as cheap as my 1st choice but still a bit cheaper than my place in tokyo
seems extreemly quiet in hiroshima but thats ok i could use the rest
assuming i can find a convinie to feed myself that is
once again this is from my cell but since i know it works i tried a bit harder ^_^;
to all those thinking of me i love you

sometimes on this trip i get the feeling someones missing
i may never truly know why but i guess our paths and destinations are different
i truly hope yours is fruitful
i miss u


Manuel Gómez said...

I miss you too!
*cries and weeps*
I love you man.

eD said...

I knew some dumbass would post a response like that
and somehow I knew it would be you targen :P

remind me to nuke you when i get home