Thursday, July 29, 2004

nihon wa totemo takai!

hey all, I decided to spend one extra day in Kyoto, as I do prefer it to Tokyo.
Tokyo is big and wonderful but a bit too big, Kyoto is far more homey.
Probably spending this day alone as most all the students that supported us are quite busy with work and school. But thats alright, I need a quiet day. I probably will spend the last couple days rather quietly, as I am quite broke from buying omiage and just the general expense of living in Japan.
Tomorrow I go to Tokyo where hopefully my hostle will now have internet access and Ill be able to upload at least some of the pictures and comment on them. I really need to as my memory cards are quite full.
I may even get my palm online from my room, so I will be able to play around at night. Im really tired and pretty ready to come home. Friends, family, I love you all but expect me to spend a day or two sleeping. If you want to see me come to my room. Me and Oscar-sama will be chillin ^^
And yes, mom, Ill be asking you if I can go a bit more into debt. While I will take it eazy I do want to enjoy my last few days in Japan. A half decent meal is ~$10, can easily become 20 with a gaijin sized stomach. Drinks (although I dont plan to do much drinking) are easily $5 and up to $10 is quite normal.
Im definately comming back tho. I think I might plan a trip in may for the sakura blossoms, and I want friends and family to come with me this time! so plan well!!

cya for now

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