Saturday, June 26, 2004

the news

ok, I promised news, so here it is.
im engaged

*pauses to pick mother off floor*

yup, I proposed to Natsumi Ninomi on Thursday, (btw thats what the Japanese in the last post meant, it was a proposal) and she said yes. However, I didnt have a ring. (yubiwa) She was going to have me draw one on, but I told her I would go buy some Cracker Jacks. (a joke I was amazed she got)
later that day we went shopping at a famous market in Kyoto, a place thats cheek to cheek around new years. Then off to Teramachi, a place we love because of the 100 yen stores. So of course, being the big spender I am, I bought her a 100 yen (less than a US dollar) ring.
The next day meeting her at lunch, I formally proposed in somewhat broken Japanese on video, and yet again she said yes.

*calls ambulance for mother*

Last nite was the okonomiyaki party (too lazy to link, check the last post) and she was there. Pretty much everyone got drunk and went out to the bars till 5am, but I didnt want to and neither did my fiance, so we went to a kareoke bar about a block away from where the dorm is. (completely sober mind you) She has a very nice voice, got her to sing Ayaya`s Momoiro (song was a bit fast, it winded her) and she sang Utada`s First Love, and Sukiyaki (famous old Japanese song were SUPPOSED to be learning) for my part, I BUTCHERED (cant twist my voice like I used to without pain) guns and roses - sweet child o mine and sympathy for the devil and did alright on green day - basket case.
Natsumi also tried to get me to sing an Aiko song with her, but my ~1st grade Japanese reading speed was just NOT fast enough, never mind the fact that not all the kanji had furigana above it (tiny hiragana so us gaijins know how to pronounce it)

2 hrs for $44 not bad, it was fun. Then she went home and I went to bed.

today was quitet, first a karate lesson whos highlight was me chalenging Winston, a fellow student, just to get him to go up there and do a kata (demonstration) since he was too wussy to get up there alone. I told him I was only going to block but he was pretty quick and constanly on top of me making it hard to block, my arms slightly sore from blocking a kick.
after that, me Johnathan and howard went to lunch with the sensei and her friend (we randomly met her on the way there) then I went home and went to bed.

and now I`m here, uploading pictures....

oh ya.. as uncle would say "one more thing"

the engagement is a joke, mom you can breathe now.


SexieChunLi said...

your engaged...WHA?!

you tell me that im gonna get a guy or (girl <.<) while your gone, and YOU GET ENGAGED LOL, your so weird ed.. i miss ya
sorry i havent been saying anything, dont worry im alive :)
have been working a lot lately..cause no school and plus, video games ;)
im going to six flags in your hometown tomorrow..through tuesday, i wish you were still there for a sec >.>
believe it or not, i havent touched my computer for a while o.o
ask cyber_akuma ;P
even though your officially takeen now, im still going to hit on you :)
i havent been really talking to anyone lately..besides my co-workers
i do read all your instant messages that you message me with, just im not there when your there :(

remember the stalker i had in aniverse..c.c
no problem now :)

well ed, hope your having fun there...and you probably are
hope to talk to you soon either through website..or im

eD said...

im glad to hear from ya girl, damn youre going to be in ca! torture me why dont ya!
youre my 1st trip when I get back (assuming I return) (just kidding oscar!) stay safe and happy, move out of the house with that guy, im better than him (^_~) and we`ll find a way to hang when I get back

Anonymous said...

I dunno, following Ed's journeys seem obsessively addictive now. Ed, post more stories! You're my only link to the REAL real world.
oh ya.. as uncle would say "one more thing"

the engagement is a joke, mom you can breathe now.
I am so going to try this one day. Ed's mom, what did you do when you read that?

Anonymous said...

(Someone plug oscar's ears) I was hoping it was true! There's still time, man. Glad to hear you're having a blast, yo. Andrea

Anonymous said...

eD!!!!! .... where are all the preetty girl pics ???? .... haven`t seen much :P .... j/k ... keep having a good time :D , MrBallZ

mom said...

I had to be dragged up off the floor and revived with cold water........and if you believe don't know me well. I knew/know my children.

Anonymous said...

i was so exited for you Dave... and your parents ;)
remember take your time you just got there thell be many more engagements to come :)


Melchick said...

Dude. You punk. I thought you were serious. ;) It would be awfully expensive to fly your sis to Japan for a wedding, you know. And besides, it's your turn to visit. :P

My news: I've spent the last week with a 2 yr old. And there will be many more weeks to come. Me. With kid. WTF? (And no, this is not a joke. heh).

Anonymous said...

great post, i'll come visit again soon...erik