Sunday, July 15, 2007

ashi ga itain

(legs hurt)

Weellll... ya, after dancing till 6am and getting 4 hours sleep the night before, walking semi-aimlessly around Shijo (we had places to go but kept passing all the same places) got old after about 5 hours. Problem was it lasted a lot longer. we left at about 1:30pm and got back around 11:30. Thing is everything is just so damned fun. ^_^

Gion matsuuri (Gion festival, one of the 2 big festivals in Kyoto- think like 4th of July) is in full swing and the streets are packed. The actual parade itself is Tuesday I believe, but the fun parts are all the food and trinket stands and hundreds of people in yukata everywhere.

We went to the Shakeys pizza (all you can eat pizza, pasta, salad and... curry?!?) to refuel me and Kyle from the night before, did a little omiage (gift) shopping, I got more time on my cell phone, and then bowling (I sat out and returned emails, my legs were done) and finally went to The Hub for dinner / beer where I actually had a nice conversation with Tsu-kun since I finally got to sit down and regenerate some energy.

I also ran into KANA there! Jeff's conversation partner from 3 years ago. I saw her sitting over by the stairs and immediately recognized her but couldnt exactaly place her. It is amazing how in 3 years people look different but still the same. It is true of Nobuko, Eri, Minori and Natsumi as well. But there was no doubt I knew her so we talked a bit. Not for very long, but I got her email (so I can give her Jeff's blog) and we plan to meet at school soon.

It is amazing what a small world it is.

Today we go to Ginkakujin temple and then Arashiyama monkey park. After that we come back, don Yukatas and go back into Shijo for Gion again. So my semi-rested legs get to do it all over again. (Did I mention Arashiyama is a mountain? The monkeys are at the top...)

I have a metric ton (Is that a lot? I don't know metric...) of pictures from Thursday on. I have no idea when I will actually get a chance to label and upload them. Hopefully tomorrow.

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