Sunday, July 01, 2007

tanoshikatta shuumatsu

Another ep of eD in Japan.

Friday Nobuko, Minori, Eri and Yukiko came over to make me dinner of Okonomiyaki and Inari. It was the most I've eaten since I came to Japan, it was really good and I stuffed myself. It was really fun and my roomate Trevor impressed all the girls to no end by the fact he brought an iron to Japan and could cook. (Ya, we dont get it, but they were very impressed. I was trying to get Nobuko to mary him.) It was a shame the night ended at only 10pm. (When guests must leave the dorm.) But it was really fun.

Saturday the night didn't end so early. ^^ We went for a walking tour of Nara and several of the temples around Todaiji temple. Afterwards Paul, Onozaki sensei, Kyle, JC and I went out drinking to a few gaijin (foreigner) bars. No, no eD, but I had a blast anyway. ^^ I kinda want to go to more Japanese style places but it was still fun. No pics of the night out because my camera battery died. Thankfully today I found the second battery I thought I left in America. Without that my last week here would pretty much be pictureless.

Today was rest day. I spent a few minutes talking to Jeannine and Chrissie till Skype died on me. I had a small hangover and we were all starving (no food from the cafeteria on Sunday) so Kyle, JC, Josh and I went on a nice tour of the side and back streets of Shijo area. (Aka I got us lost for a bit) Once again I got rejected getting a cell phone. This time I had my passport but I didn't know the dorm address.... I will be going back tomorrow after class.

Now, it's 10pm and I still have to do my homework...... it's only 2 pages so whatever. If you are very lucky I will upload pictures tonight.

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Anonymous said...

got the package cause im badass

eD said...

Glad to hear it. Now you can stop whining ^^

Anonymous said...

lol guess it wasnt a big deal to u I mean it was only $1000 worth of parts ;)

eD said...

sorry, waaaay too busy to have to deal with it till i get back.

i woulda got $800 out of it which is more than you were going to pay me ^^