Friday, July 27, 2007


(Nemui - tired)

Well I must be tired. I have good reason to be, up till 5am drinking sake and then up at 9 to finish packing. I wrote a longer post earlier on the computer but I got distracted and forgot to hit post(-"-;) From here on out its probably ケータイ (cell phone) only which means shorter posts and no pictures till I get back.

It is also quite draining to leave everyone. I made adozen new best friends in just 5 weeks and now I have to leave them.Thankfully many have plans to go to Cali soon. Those that dont I plan on convincing.(o^-')b

Now Im on a train back to ihouse to get my bags and then go to dinner at Nobukos house near Osaka where I will stay till early Sunday morning when I leave. There is very little time left...

I am just glad my dad seems ok.

Nobuko and Minori have a full day of sight seeing planned for me tomorrow.Sounds like a lot of fun, I cant wait.

Till next time.

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