Monday, July 23, 2007


(bangohan, dinner)

As I sit here a bit nervous trying to waste another hour or so, I thought I would fill you in.

I went to Kyoto station yesterday and did some shopping (still not done with omiage~ argh) and found the international grocery store. First thing I saw was potato gnocchi and right then and there I decided to cook for everyone tonight. Thing is it is finals and it's kinda like herding cats to get any number of people together in the same place. So we shal se if anyone actually shows up... I have more than enough food for all. (I hope) Going to do gnocchi in a pre-made mushroom red sauce that I am adding sliced sun dried tomatoes and garlic to, garlic bread and sun dried tomato pesto bread.

I also saw Meg off from the station to her 1 week job in Tokyo. It really sucks not having her around, she is so much fun. But so is everyone else, and I plan to have lots of fun even without her. Maybe I will make her jealous. ^^ I think she may already be jealous she can't let me cook for her.

Today I went back to Kyoto station and bought a bit more food (the makings of the garlic/pesto bread) and went up Kyoto tower. Not nearly as tall as Tokyo tower but in many ways a more beautiful view. It is a lot greener. Obviously I took lots of pics and will share them with all soon.

As I expected, the last days here are flying by. I still have to buy several people gifts and am running out of time and ideas.... it is really hard to personalize everything so please dont kill me when you dont get what you hoped for. (None of you gave me orders anyway :P) Tomorrow I hang out with Gaccha and Madoka though I dont know where or when, and hopefully I'll finish omiage shopping then. The thing about omiage shopping is they wrap everything, which is nice, cept when I dont know what the hell (hi Meg!) is in it... so when it gets to you all messily wrapped, thats not the Japanese's fault its mine because I re-wrapped it without even having new tape....

Thursday is my last night in Kyoto and it looks like I will get to hang out with Natsumi, my CP from three years ago, which is nice. She seems very busy I didn't think it would happen.

Anyway I guess thats it. Dad I hope you are doing ok and I will see you soon.

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