Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gaijin Guntai vs The Typhoon

(Gaijin Army vs the Typhoon)

We win. But let me start chronologically...

Friday night we went to dinner and then Karaoke with a couple of the conversation partners, including Mariko and her friend Yayoi. (Not sure how to spell) My roomate Trevor and Tsu-kun kicked the rest of our butts. Towards the end of the night they found out I like Shiina Ringo and sang several songs by her, some of which are still stuck in my head. Anyway I had to call it quits at about 3am because I had had almost no sleep the night before....

Oh! Almost forgot! I gained a new nickname. Yayoi had a cell phone keychain of Majin Buu from Dragonball Z. Someone asked her to explain his name, and basically Majin means monster and Buu is like a sound word for big, fat, over-inflated, like a balloon. So instantly I reacted and I am now Gaijin Buu. (Gaijin means foreigner)

On to last night. There was a Typhoon coming and it was raining cats and dogs all day. For one of the guys on the 4th floor it was his last night in Japan, so they were all planning on going to the Gion festival, then dinner then clubbing. Well because of weather it got shrunk down to clubbing, and while I didn't want to sit in the dorm all night, I'm not much for clubbing either. Me and Kyle started playing Pokemon wirelessly and I just gave up on going out.

11pm rolls around and the girls are still here... They weren't going to leave till 11:45. So I decided to go. It was a blast. It wasn't raining that bad when we got there at all, and of course it was indoors. I got Kyle to go with me too and he danced for 5 solid hours. I took a few breaks but otherwise I was out there with everyone too. Neither of us are dancers.

When we emerged at about 5am, the typhoon had lost. There was actually bits of SUN that are STILL HAPPENING. You don't understand I am sure, but this is Japan. Go look at my pics. There is no sun here this time of year. Sure its the 'land of the rising sun' but this time of year the sun quickly runs away.

Near as I can tell, there will be clear (well for Japan anyway, which means not much rain) all day. We had beaten the Typhoon.

We went to McDonnalds afterwards, a tradition they have that left me wanting a couple of red burritos, and then Taxi home. My head hit the pillow about 7am, even though I really didn't feel that tired. Now its 12:24pm. I woke up at 11 and laid there for half an hour before just deciding to get up.

Sleep is for the weak.

I wonder when I will practice my speech and do my homework...

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