Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I found my place..

It's in kindergarden.

Those of you who know me probably arent supprized. But today we went to Sumedia (spelling?) Kindergarden and entertained a small army of 3,4 and 5 year olds. It was quite a frightening and fun at the same time.

After the 'entertainment' period, we were split up into groups of 2 and ate lunch with them. That was quite fun. Having 20 kids surrounding me asking me questions like 'what is 'bento' in english?' (there isnt any) 'what is 'basu' in english?' (bus) etc etc etc ALL AT THE SAME TIME AS LOUD AS THEY CAN WITH THEIR MOUTHS STUFFED FULL, and still managing to remain quite charming. After lunch, I got on the floor in the corner and started pointing out things and giving them english names, but that didn't stop them from all talking at the same time (this time with empty mouths at least)...

Er, did I mention I was wearing a cheezy little cat mask on the top of my head? It was made as a prop for the other group's 'Neko Neko, Inu' (cat, cat, dog; changed from duck, duck, goose) Well at this point I lifted it off of my head and re-adjusted it. this made them all instantly realize that it can be moved... They spent the next 5 minutes taking it off, throwing it on the floor, then someone else would place it on my head properly, then someone else would cover my eyes with it. They seemed to be equally divided into 3rds on the opinion of what to do with it...

Then, for no apparent reason, several of them started pounding on my head like a drum saying 'obeka' which means 'being western'... it didn't hurt at all so I just let them do it. I actually couldn't stop laughing.

When it was time to go, about 250kids all gathered all over the place on 2 different floors to say goodbye to us loudly and repeadedly for about 15 minutes. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing.

After that, we went to Shijo (major shopping area in Kyoto, its the name of a street) and did some omiage shopping and ate at a Shakeys pizza... closest thing to real pizza I have ever seen in Japan.

Right now, the gallery and it seems Picassa are PISSING ME OFF. The Gallery refuses to import 100 of the 175 pictures I took at Biwa and I have just now troubleshot it down to a problem with Picassa, meaning I have nowhere to turn for help. (I know the developers chat rooms for Gallery) How or when I will fix it I do not know, I have no freaking time to worry about programs bought out by money grubbing companies that don't work for shit. Oh wait, I am writing this on one of that companies' sites now arent I?


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A happy home for cats even Holy spirit power can teach them to talk and they could fly spaceships