Friday, July 20, 2007


(meccha tanoshikatta - very fun)

Well last night was the goodbye party. Everyone came and it was really fun. Unfortunately Aki, my conversation partner couldn't make it, he just HAD to go drinking in Osaka. (Hey I understand ^^) But Mariko came and wow, she is so amazing. She drew these beautiful pictures for Kyle, Trevor, JC and me and gave them as gifts to us. She even began to cry a little. She is just so very nice. I always make fun of her because everywhere she goes (I mean everywhere) she knows people. But it is easy to see why. She is just an amazing person. She wrote a note to us on the back of it and added 'pease don't forget me'...... how could I possibly forget her.

Actually everyone is just amazing, Meg, Yuna, Mayumi, Tsu-kun, Isson, Taka, Keiji, Yayoi, Gaccha, Madoka, Morimoto, Nozomi... I really should just list off everyone. A bunch of them got us postcards that they wrote all over, they even personalized the picture of the card. JC got a bunch of naked women, Trevor got a cat from a joke he made on the homework, Kyle got a frog (Japanese spelling and pronunciation of his name is identical to frog and 'to return') and I of course got beer. ^^ I honestly havent read it yet, my brain is kind of miswired from everything coming so fast and hard these past 2 weeks.


Thing is I am not gone yet. I still have another week to play. I really want to rest, and today I definately will after being out karaokeing till 5am and then up at 8, but I know it will go by really, really quickly. There is still so much to do. Unfortunately (for me anyway) Meg got a great short term Job in Tokyo that lasts from today till the end of the time I am here (working for the election for $100/day all expenses paid) so I will not have a chance to hang out with her, but everyone else wants to see me and I really, really want to see them.

This morning I got up early and a bunch of the previously mentioned people came to see everyone off. Cept one person didn't leave. My roomate Trevor finally got a chance to print out his itenerary... and he doesnt leave till tomorrow... it was quite funny, esp since he was up so late, even after me, packing.

It really is an amazing program with amazing people. We all put the same thing on our class review- we want level 3! So we can come back next year.

This post may or may not be disjointed. I have no idea at this point. I am tired. I kind of want to call people but all I will say is 'duuuuuuuuh.' Well actually it would probably be 'あのおおおおおお~' (ano- the Japanese word for 'um')

A ton of pics just finished uploading. For some reason the videos are getting out of order. I don't think I will have a chance to care enough to fix it till I return home tho, so deal.

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