Thursday, July 19, 2007


(owatta = done)

The speech was better than before, but not as good as I had expected from the practice the night before. Whatever it is over. I took videos and they will be up if they ever finish uploading and I ever have time to make 3 clicks to do it.

Yesterday at lunch was just hillarious. We decide to go to Family Mart, something we rarely do at lunch because its down a big hill, and I see Mariko gigling with her friend. There is a steaming pile of fresh dog doo right in front of her, and she is watching to see who steps in it. She didn't tell me till I got past it but warned everyone behind me! KOWAI!

Anyway I missed the big bang because I wanted to get in line for the ATM before I had to wait in line for half an hour. Some guy in sandals was the one to kick it. Then someone came along and tracked it all throughout the Family Mart. (Think 7 Eleven) It was downright hillarious, I really should have video taped it.

とにかく、I just took my final exam. Went pretty well. Just a nice conversation with the teachers. In just a couple minutes we are going to go to the school to have lunch one final time then go to Kitaoji to mess around a bit with some of the conversation partners before our farewell party at 5pm. After that we go out for Nozomi's birthday.

Then everybody but me leaves the next morning. It is going to be sad. But its not like I cant handle it. It will be nice to finally have free time to do the things I want in Kyoto and hopefully see the friends I have made and kept from 3 years ago.

In other news, my Dad is doing fine. よかった.

Anyway I am late, gotta go.

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