Saturday, July 21, 2007


(shashin - picture)

I uploaded all the pictures up until yesterday, in which I did nothing because I was tired, and now I still am. :P Anyway there is Weekend 3, Week 4 and the Farewell Party up. Btw since no one seems to be commenting maybe I should explain it- if you go to a picture page (where the picture is bigger than a thumbnail) there is a little bubble icon with a + sign. It is above and below the picture so it is easy to find. Clicking on either one will get you to the comment add area. The rest should be fairly obvious. Then again maybe everyone just forgot about me. I know Jeannine doesn't return my emails. :P

Right now I am just sitting here realizing how fast everything is going to go and how many people and things I still want to see. I needed to rest yesterday, but probably will not let myself do that again. My first day back at work is going to be fuuuuuun...

Trevor leaves today (wonder if he is up yet?) and then I am supposed to go to Osaka for electronic toy shopping, but Meg may be able to meet me for lunch before she leaves to Tokyo so I will probably ditch out on the chance that she can meet me. I have several things in the city I need to do anyway.

Thats it for now, nothing too exciting. Be sure to read the previous post, it's more interesting.

Links of the day!

Hey I got one!
BET - Read a Book (language warning) a 'positive' rap video' I can't take credit for this, Trevor showed it to me last night.

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