Wednesday, July 25, 2007


(omiage - gifts bought when traveling)

I am finally freaking done with omiage shopping. If you dont like what you get, sorry I dont care. Well sorta.... Anyway most omiage will be shipped home in a box tomorrow so I probably wont get it for about 2 weeks, so dont hold your breath.

I also went to Book Off today and spent about $100 on CDs. This may seem like a lot, but Japanese cds, even in Japan, are around $30 new. I got about 10 cds for $100 I find that quite good.

Tomorrow I must pack, pay 'rent' and then go out with friends for the last time in Kyoto before Friday when Nobuko comes to whisk me away to Osaka.

I had an interesting experience today when I finished shopping. I went to a restaraunt in Kyoto station to eat Okonomiyaki, and I had difficulty getting them to NOT cover it in the fish flakes Harry Newman loves so much. So the woman next to me helped me out and we ended up talking for about an hour. It was nice to know I could almost kind of hold up my half of the conversation for awhile. Kind of like 3 years ago at The Hub in Tokyo at 4am.

Right now I should be packing but there is a party upstairs.... so I'll probably pack tomorrow. ^^ I also hope to upload another batch of pics tomorrow, probably the last time this trip. The rest will go up when I get back home and recover.

Dad is back in the hospital last I heard. It is a few more hours before I can call and get the newest details. I really hope everything is ok.

Jeannine, its nice to know you fill in for me making a fool of yourself while I'm away. I can always count on you. ^^ And the pictures are on the 'Gallery' link on the right of this post....

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no. I'm not even using my laptop, and Chinese girls are yelling at eachother next to me...

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