Monday, July 23, 2007

The great smiley post

Back on the keitai...I think I wanted to do this 3 years ago but never did. Japanese smilies are a wonder to behold and I am going to post all the ones in this phone.Later I will come back and format it.Here goes

1: (^-^) (^-^)v (o^-')b o(^o^)o d(^-^) d(^O^)b (^ヘ^)v (*^_^*) ('ー'#)/ ~ヽ('ー`)ノ~

2: ('◇')ゞ (・ω・)ノ ヾ(*'-'*) (^-^)/~ (*'-^)-☆ (`o'ヾ (^з^)-☆Chu!! ('O')/ハイ! d(-_-) m(_ _)m

3: <(`^´)>エッヘン (¬_¬)ぁゃιぃ (`ε´)ぶー <<o(>_<)o>> (`曲´#) (-"-;) \(`o'") こら-っ {{ (>_<) }} o(><;)(;><)o (*'へ'*)

4: (*'o'*) あっ\(◎o◎)/! w(☆o◎)wガーン (ΘoΘ;) (*_*) ヾ(^_^; (・ω・;)(;・ω・) σ(^◇^;)。。。 ...((((((^_^;) ┐('〜`;)┌

5: (ToT) (>_<) (-_-;) {{{{(+_+)}}}} 。。。。(〃_ _)σ‖ φ(_ _)。o○グゥ (=_=) (´〜`) (ρ.-) (+.+)(-.-)(_ _)…

6:\(^O^)人(^O^)/ ((( ^^)爻(^^ ))) (^_-)db(-_^) ρ(..、)ヾ(^-^;) (;^^)人(^^;) ヽ(*^‐^)人(^-^*)ノ ♪( ^o^)\(^-^ )♪ ( ^o^)ρ(^O^ )アーン ☆(*^)(*^o^*)チュッ ☆ヽ(~-~(・_・ )ゝ

7: (^O^)/C□☆ /(.^.)\ ( ..)φ (-.-)y-~~~ .....((((*^o^)ノノ ε=ヾ(;゜ロ゜)ノ (^〜^)モグモグ ( ^-^)_旦"" o(^-^o) (o^-^)o♪ (・o・ ))(( ・o・)?

8: オリャ(ノ-o-)ノ ┫ o(゜へ゜)○☆ドカッ \(`O´θ/ (^-^)/((((((●~* (・_・)r鹵~<巛巛 ( ^ー^)σ" ポイ (/--)/ ⌒○ (^_^)-c<T_T)キュゥ (^_^;)\('_' ) (・_*)\ペチ

9: (((/ToT)/...‖wc‖ ‖wc‖ ヽ( ´ー`)ノ {[(-_-)(-。-)y-]} (*~ρ~)ヨッテマース ( ・_<)σ…---・ U^ェ^U ^(・@・)^ (・Θ・) (=^・^=) (^O_O^)

10: ☆彡☆彡☆彡☆彡 ∵・∴・★ ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇ ■□■□■□■□ _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ //*/*//*/*// --*--*--*--*--*-- 〜・*・〜・*・〜 ☆*:・°★:*:・° └∵┐♪┌∵┘

There, I hope you feel enlightened. Mind you these are just what are in my 安っぽいプリーペッドケータイ(cheezy prepaid phone) I have recieved much stranger.

And now, after a half hour of work, I hope this works...


Seems it worked, tho the font is different which screws things up a bit. About half of these are fairly obvious, the rest are just plain rediculous. I love the dog personally. I also often use the 3 faces falling asleep one.

I am not sure how to edit it better without putting each on its own line and making this post REALLY LONG. I also still need to add the topics instead of just #s, but I am too lazy right now at 1:25am.

Tonights dinner went well, about 8 people came and all seemed to enjoy. For once I was actually too busy having fun to take many pictures. I feel bad that I didn't really get a chance to talk to everyone one on one, 10pm curfew for guests just sucks.

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Anonymous said...

hi d,
i'm sorry to hear about your dad...i hope everything is ok?

well i am up to date with all ur postings and feel bad i didnt say much the whole time u were out there. i am looking forward to having u back home though. its been lonely without u here.
If you need someone to pick you up from the airport just let me know...still haven't found work yet. You probably have it covered though.
Yeah, so the job hunt is not going so seems i am underexperienced for an entry-level position..Ha! That's really encouraging. Anyways, I have an interview with Kaiser on Thurs at 11 in Anahiem Hills which is the second phase of interviewing....cross your fingers!
The temp angency I've been working with sucks and I've given up on them helping me out. I'm also going to apply at Albertsons for a full-time position. At this point I will take anything although I would prefer a entry-level office clerk type of position.

Anyways, Laughlin was a blast...nice to get away for awhile you know? The last night we were there Eric bought me some Tequila shots and I got rowdy. I blew up at him and it was a whole lot of drama I wish didn't happen but you know how it goes sometimes. Eric and I made up but I think there is still some resentments from Eric me and Crissy. Neither one of them has seen me upset and angry like that and it freaked them out. Anyways, I'll give the details later being that it' not that important.
So! You are almost done! I'm really glad you got to go back....I wish for you it didn't end so quickly sounds like you had a great time. Maybe you will go back sooner than you anticipate. You really are much happier there than here so you might keep in mind that finding a life for yourself in Japan might not be so bad???
Anyways, I can't wait to see all your pictures and videos when you get back so you can tell me all the fun things you did and all the nice people you met. Maybe this weekend if you're not too know I won't be...ha ha.
I'm cleaning with crissy tonight and then we are going for a walk by her house. we decided we needed to start exercising again since were not getting any younger or thinner.
It's freakin hot out here though. It's getting warmer and sticky out here and reaching the 90's now. Yuck! I'm not allowed to turn on the air since it costs too much so I'm dying! Got to go jump into the shower but before I do that I think I found that book you emailed me about and I am going to just give you all the info in the email k? Have fun and talk to you soon ...Jeannine