Thursday, July 05, 2007


Sorry, I didn't mean to leave such a depressing message up so long. I really only felt like that Monday and Tuesday. Even in just 1 month they can't all be good days.
Wednesday was the fourth of July and I celebrated it by having a few beers at a British pub and then killing everyone who was wearing a red coat.... Well ok maybe not that 2nd part. It was pretty fun tho if not perplexing, and I got to celebrate basically when you were all still waking up. Actually since it was a day off I would bet a lot of you were asleep. For instance it is almost 10pm now and it is almost 6am the same day back in Cali.

Got an email from the fam, apparently the internet got broke again. Yay. Nothing like 10000 mile tech support.... Anyway, I finally got my keitai so I have email. If you want the address, email me at my regular email address. If you dont know that, well then I probably dont want to give you my cell phone email :P

Tomorrow is a test I havent studdied for yet... whee. Saturday we go to a lake which is supposed to be famous but I keep hearing the water is dirty and it is probably going to rain. Thats ok, you know I am not much for swimming. We are not allowed to bring textbooks or dictionaries, but screw that I want my dictionary. Should be fun.

The 1st weekend pics have been up for a day or so, and I am going to start uploading this past week of pics now, they should be added before bed... maybe. benkyo shitakunai yo...

Heather- thanks. youll probably take over my desk by the time I get back so you dont have to carry your water buffalo upstairs... ^^

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your call this AM. ARU had the phone and by the time I could figure out the speaker button you hung up. Love M

Anonymous said...

thats not a bad idea!!! i'll start moving my stuff tommorow... correction, i'll ask leno to move it for me!!!! i have enough to carry with this water buffalo inside, rite? u sound much happier!!! i'm glad! well not really! j/k! customer service has a count down for your return... they really miss you!!! i mean... every day that passes they cry harder and harder, like... "oh no, only 25 more days of peace!"