Friday, July 13, 2007

I never thought I would spend so much time in a womans bathroom...

2nd ケータイ post because I dont want to go downstairs and set everything up when Im leaving in 20 minutes...

Last night when I was pretending to study (new pics up) there was a going away party for the 3 german students. It was 11pm so I thought I'd hang out for an hour... well that became a lot longer of course but not for the usual reasons. The party was in the tatami room and it was a blast. It was like the United Nations in there, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Americans.

The german girl (Adriana I believe, I suck at names) (Ok, I gave up on typing on the keitai now) needed some help walking upstairs so I brought her back up to her room. But before that, one of the Chinese girls threw up in someones face... So I laid her down but others decided to drag her to the bathroom, where I guess she was quite productive. I decided to check on things so I knocked on the door and a very worried looking french girl answered saying she just didnt know what to do with her. I asked if she was decent and she invited me in. I spent the next hour or so talking to her keeping her brain moving.

(er out of time, ill edit later. live in suspense...)
(welcome back to the most disjointed post ever)

She was 20 (legal drinking age in Japan) and rather inexperienced. She could answer most questions but didn't know what she had to drink. She never threw up in my presence, do we decided to put her to bed, so we carried her up the stairs and put her to bed. She seemed to be doing better when we got her moving, she was appoligizing and stuff. I honestly don't really know who she was or could recognize her, 95% of what I saw was the back of her head with her face down in the toilet. She should be fine tho.

After that I spent a couple minutes back at the party so I could actually talk to some people. I went to bed at 3:30.

Now, I am my roomate's alarm clock. We have one, but I am the one that gets up to it. I wake up at 7, shower, eat and wake him up at 8. Then we get to class (starting at 9am) with about 13 seconds to spare.

I woke up to a pillow hitting me and my roomate saying "dude- its 9:15" Wheee... So I took a 5 min shower (hey I'm late anyway) and we got to class 45mins late.

I think I did way better on the test than I expected and better than the previous two. I may ask my senseis for it today as otherwise I think I may have to wait till wednesday. Learning in the program is basically done, Monday is a holliday 海の日 (ocean day) and then Tuesday is the Gion festival. I will write about last night later.

Thank you for reading the most disjointed blog post ever. I wonder if you understood anything.

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