Thursday, July 26, 2007


(nimotsu - luggage)

Well, it looks like I am all packed. At least I hope I am because there's damn sure no room in my bag... I do have 2 other bags I am not even using inside it, but I would really prefer to continue not using them. I am probably over-weight (my bag, I know I am over-weight) so I will have to pay at the airport, I dont care.

However I am going shopping with Nobuko today, and I still dont know what I am doing with my bag in the meantime. Also, if I buy anything my bag will explode.... and those of you who know me know I am going to end up buying something...

Last night a bunch of us went out to eat and have a few drinks for my last night in Kyoto. It was really fun, everyone is so wonderful, and I finally got to see Natsumi again and talk to her. Still as kind and cheerful as ever. I have come here twice and both times I have definately been very lucky to have the conversation partners I had.

After dinner, I ended up staying up till 5am with a few of the people from the Ihouse having a few drinks. Then got up at 9am. Such is my life in Japan.

*** I forgot to post this earlier. As I have a chance to wait for the Taxi I thought I would repost it real quick***

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